Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheaper By The Dozen

Do y'all know the story of Frank Gilbreth - Cheaper by the Dozen?  You probably have either seen or read the story at some point.  He and his wife were efficiency experts way back in the 50's and had 12 children.  I always loved watching the movie when I was a kid and for some reason the concepts he developed have always remained in the back of my head - as a matter of fact I think if I were to conduct a genealogy study I might find that I am one of his long lost family members, LOL!   Frank believed that you should use your time and motion in the most efficient manner possible. I think he would have also been an excellent recycler!  Anyway, after creating some calendars last week I found myself with a pile of white card stock scraps.  In keeping with good old Frank's philosophies, I felt I really needed to put them to good use. But what to do?  I did not want to have to spend a lot of time cutting pieces so I really needed a project that I could use these scraps without having to change the size of them. 

Well, I dug around in my stash and pulled a few things together.  The Coffee Break note cards were so much fun that I decided to expand upon that idea.  Here is the result - do you love it?  I'm thinking this would make a fun little hostess or teacher gift.  I'll probably include a pen and maybe some fun magnets or thumbtacks and it will be all ready to go.

Coffee Break Lists

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee's Ready!

 Don't you love it when an idea pops into your head and then when you bring it to reality it actually turns out the way you envisioned?  I do!  I'm not sure if I dreamed about note cards last night or if it came to me while I was bleary eyed this morning drinking my cup of joe, but in any event this is the result - coffee themed note cards. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get ready for Etsy!

Whew!  There has been a frenzy in the Studio.  I've been working feverishly to get some calendars ready to list in my Etsy shop.  I spent yesterday putting on the finishing touches and taking photos and I'm almost ready to go. Take a look at this cute CD Case Calendar -
I love the Pink and Green combo - the images are from TracyAnnDigitalArt - aren't they cute?  I think this would be a brilliant way to brighten up someone's work desk!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Studio Happenings

I've had a busy but productive day in the Worleybird Studio today.  I've finished the design of a new CD calendar and will be putting the finishing touches on the packaging tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  I'll show you a sneak peak next week before I list them in my Etsy shop. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up & Whirling!

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm here in the Worleybird Studio working on some projects to show you. 

First on the agenda are some fun calendars.  A few years ago when I was teaching classes at a local scrapbook store in Las Vegas,  I had the pleasure of designing and teaching a class on calendars.  Quite by accident I became known as the go to Calendar Girl!  Every year it was on my list of "must have" classes.  Well, I have since moved to California and find myself without an avenue to teach.  But that won't stop my creative spirit!  Oh no!  I can't stop designing calendars.  I was recently asked to supply a few for a Susan G. Komen event - a cause near and dear to my heart.  Well, those calendars just triggered my creative juices and I'm now on a roll.  Here's a little sneak peak for you -I'll be adding a few of these to my new Etsy shop which I hope to have up and whirling very soon!