Sunday, March 20, 2011



Well, I'm not having a party, but I've been working on a fun Party Package.  My son Taylor has a fundraiser next week for his high school baseball team and I have donated a party basket to the silent auction.  I'm thinking of adding some of these packages to my Etsy shop.  I'd like to add a printable version for those that would like to print their own at home and a custom printed version.  Still working out the details.  The artwork that I used on this particular package is by Julia Makotinsky - she is an incredible artist.  Using her designs always puts a smile on my face! 

Cool Water Resistant Labels

Party Planner - made from a Target place mat

The entire party package includes invitations, thank you notes, envelope wraps, treat toppers with bags, and cake toppers/table decor picks.  I think it turned out pretty fabulous - I hope the bidders at the auction do too!
cupcake toppers
coordinating thank you note

Trendy Envelope Wrap!

Treat Topper - perfect for a sweet treat for your guests
Oh, and one more little something special that I included - a matching 4x6 photo keeper - so that all those special memories are sure to be shared!  I love birthdays!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Change

A Change Purse!!!  I'm just patting myself on the back over this one.  I saw this tutorial on Crafty Girls Workshop a while back.  I fell in love with it and put it on my never ending list of things to do.  Well, since it was so stinkin' cute, it made to the top of the list in record time.  I know it's not perfect and I learned some tricks that will make the next one a whole lot easier, but don't you think this is adorable?  Technically, it is a change purse, but I'm thinking I might just use it to hold all those little things that seem to collect at the bottom of your purse - you know like toothpicks, lip gloss, kleenex, rubber bands, safety pins . . . . etc.  Wait? What?  Y'all don't have a complete drug store rolling around in the bottom of your bag?  Is that why everyone runs to me when they need something weird?  I'm telling you - I'll be all ready for Let's Make a Deal when Monty Hall comes calling!!  (Yikes, that's showing my age - I just remembered that the new host of LMAD is Wayne Brady - well, I'm ready for him too!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bunko Tonight!

I've been invited to sub at Bunko tonight.  I so enjoy the women in this group - it's always a fun evening.  Tonight's theme is "Lucky" and we are supposed to bring a $10 gift pertaining to the theme.  I racked my brain for something unique, dug through my stash of semi-finished projects and here is what I put together. 

I already had the little gift bag topper made up, so I added a fun caption using the "lucky" theme.  The lottery tickets looked a little sad all by themselves so I put them in a cellophane bag, thought up a little ditty to include and printed it up on a card stock topper.  I finished it off with a little something extra (who doesn't love wine and chocolate????) and VOILA!  All ready for Bunko night.