Wednesday, November 17, 2010

M. . I . . C . . K . . E . . Y . . EEEKKKKK!!!!

Hi Everyone! I have retreated to the Worleybird Studio. I am being terrorized by a mouse.  He attacked me as I was putting away my groceries.  My vicious watch dog, Jack, was no help at all.  He was up the stairs faster than I was!  As instructed by my fearless husband, I have laid out some tasty peanut butter in a trap and made myself scarce so that said mouse can begin his feast.  Why, oh why, did Mickey have to choose MY house?  I'm certain my neighbors' houses are much more comfy!!!!
Please send positive thoughts for a quick kill - I have much to do in the kitchen today!!!!
Vicious Attack Dog Jack

This is what Jack does while the mouse makes himself at home!


Barbara said...

LOL! What a crack up... gotta love Jack

Crafty Girls said...

HeeHeeHeeHee! The mouse caught hold of those cookies you made last week! Now he will never leave!

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