Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Months? Really?

Oh my word!  I can't even believe that two whole months have flown by since my last post.  Things have been in high gear around here lately.  Between working, crafting, baseball and college miscellany for son #2 there hasn't been much time left over for blogging.  The end of the school year is coming to a rapid end (only two short weeks away) and in order to keep my mind off the fact that my youngest child is graduating,  I have kept myself busy.  I'm guessing that when Taylor heads off to college in the fall I will have more time on my hands than I know what to do with - so look out!  I'll be a blogging maniac!

This weekend the Worleybird Design Studio has been turned into a sweat shop - I'm working on some curtains for the Man Cave and our Living Room.  I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking taking on this project.  For starters, I don't really know how to sew.  And my BFF who I turn to for all things sewing lives about 400 miles away in Vegas.  Let's just say that I have set my phone to speed dial so that when I get into a panic my dear friend Irene can talk me down!  I have nine panels to make - They are 107" long, 54" wide and I'm lining them.  Oh. My. Goodness.  That is a LOT of fabric!  Four are done and I'm hoping I will be able to finish the other five tomorrow.  Here's a sneak peak at the fabric (which I adore) - I'll be back to post photos of the finished project when it's finally done. 


Crafty Girls said...

You go girl! I a so excited to see the new drapes!Show us the man cave fabric. Are we really only 400 miles apart?

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