Monday, January 17, 2011

Envelope Wraps

At Christmas I worked on a little project that I thought was really fun.  I made a few personalized note cards for some friends and included some coordinating envelopes and envelope wraps. Thanks Barb and Irene for being my guinea pigs! Sorry, I forgot to take photos of those wraps, but here is my Valentines version.  The original idea came from my friend Mish.  She made some of these and posted them on her blog a while back.  She does some amazing handcrafted work.  My version is a much simpler, digital version, but I really like the idea of these envelope wraps.  I think they are a trendy, updated version of return address labels.  And, the best part is you can customize them to whatever holiday or occasion you want.  You can either leave them blank and fill the address in by hand, or use your computer to fill them for you.  Either way, these would be fun to get in your mailbox wouldn't they?


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