Thursday, January 13, 2011


My friend Bevie challenges us every year to come up with a word of the year.  This year she mentioned the word FOCUS and listed the following -

F - Finish what you start
O - Organize
C - Create
U - Use what you have
S - Simplify

I thought that this word fit me perfectly.  I could stand to focus a little more - okay, a LOT more!  I am the Queen of Being Distracted.  It's why today my beds are still unmade and my bathrooms still need cleaning.  Instead I have been working on a little project that incorporates all the words that my friends have selected for their words for 2011.  Here's the work in progress -

I am still going to tweak it a little and add some embellishments.  I think I would also prefer a black frame, so I'll be pulling out the spray paint at some point.  But, right now I need to FOCUS.  Something tells me that those beds are not going to get made by the bed fairies and the bathrooms aren't going to clean themselves (although someone should invent a self-cleaning bathroom!)  


Stefanie Staniak said...

This is so worth the unmade beds !! I love it. How big is it? You just have to smile when you look at it. Your work is just amazing. TFS.

Sharon said...

Stevie, that's an 8x10 frame. Big enough for me to FOCUS on! ;)

Stampin Siblings said...

Absolutely LOVE this Sharon! Very CUTE and colorful but I LOVE the F O C U S moto - I'm adopting your New Years' Resolution - thanks for the inspiration! I feel a project brewing in the brain.

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