Monday, October 25, 2010


Do you decorate for Halloween?  I usually don't , favoring a more generic fall theme.  I don't even really have all that many fall decorations.  My new door arrangement only made it to it's new home a couple of weeks ago.  And now that my boys are grown and doing their own thing for Halloween we don't have quite the same gusto for the trick or treat activities that we once did!  But, I do like to have some special treats on hand for my favorite little ghosts and goblins.  I love the wide-eyed look that the little ones have when you hand them a full size candy bar or box of candy.  So, I add a few extras to my buggy when I go to Target in anticipation of the holiday.  This weekend I realized that the kiddos will be trick-or-treating in just one short week - better get the boxes decorated and ready to go.  I made up a box topper using some digital supplies from Echo Park (these were a freebie, but you can see their awesome stuff here.)  Here's the sample - off to finish my stack!
Boo! Boxes


Crafty Girls said...

Super cute! Is there just one bar in each one? These need to be in your Etsy shop so I can buy some!

Stampin Siblings said...

AMAZING (as usual!)!!! I want to come trick-or-treating to your house! From the looks of your gorgeous setting, I'd love to stay for coffee on the porch too! I'm loving this blog thing and being able to see everyone's (Michele, Irene, you) creative ideas since we all live in different areas now - well, except Irene, but we're going to correct that and make an attempt to get together even once in a while :-) Hopefully we can all plan something eventually, that would be a blast! Say hello to Phil and Taylor (if he remembers me) for me. Happy Halloween - have fun!

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