Friday, October 29, 2010


So, last week I was making bow ties and fake money - this week I've moved up to fashioning Spartan costumes out of old drapes!  Why does my son always ask me for help at the last possible moment?  Oh wait, I remember - it is because he is 17 years old!!  Yesterday, I get a call from the costume store.  "Mom, we don't have enough money to buy costumes.  Do you have anything in your studio that you can use to make us some Spartan costumes?"  Hmmmmmm . . . . I have fallen asleep EVERY single time my boys have put that movie "300" on to watch.  I don't even know what a Spartan looks like, but "Yes", I answer, "I'm sure I have something that will work."  And here they are - using some old drapes that have never found a spot in our new home, some medallions made out of spray painted tupperware lids, my never-before-tried make-up artist skills (notice the "enhanced" six packs!) and a few other odds and ends, we thought they looked pretty good.  These boys just crack me up!


Crafty Girls said...

Oh Sharon~ this is great! You're such a great mom! I could be that good with just 2! :)

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